Editor Talk! …And then the first issue, the official launch edition, was finally finished in a book form. After wrestling with this book for more than 3 months, I have to tell you that working this time is not easy. Because of this work, I put enough physical, mental, and financial energy into it. …Since the idea of having my own book I have an idea in my head that I want to put. Or if you want something, you put it in without stopping Starting from the elders Book team, photographer, face-hair artist, stylist, concept book until the model It’s normal for bookmakers to want their own book to be the best. …First of all, let’s talk about ‘Guy’, my first model. Guy is a very cute younger brother. Although they have not worked together for a long time But my sister is very full. And getting a younger brother to be the first model of ‘Nai’ is not easy. Because with the younger brother has never taken a very sexy photo before. This event, until the younger brother accepts, play and make up his mind in advance. I’m afraid you won’t accept And after having discussed many times, he opened his heart and adjusted his attitude in many ways until he accepted this job. …And when the younger brother responded, I quickly contacted many other staff members, some of whom were difficult to queue, but I waited because of the real desire for the elders, which was not a strong voice to wait. because the picture of the work came out as difficult as he had hoped …for ‘Nai’ in this issue, I hope that many People who have downloaded it will see the effort. And the intention of my work, I hope everyone will like and encourage each other for a long time. Hope to welcome ‘Nai’!!! …In the next issue, we will take you to know another charming young man Tee. I want to know who he is How handsome and muscular, must continue to follow ‘Nai’. Guarantee that there is something to surprise for sure….



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