VIRILE SEXY+ 性感誌 NO.42 奈特 現代人沒有盔甲,那就自己打造一副!‖ 18+【PHOTO+VIDEO】

VIRILE SEXY+ 性感誌 NO.42 奈特  現代人沒有盔甲,那就自己打造一副!‖ 18+【PHOTO+VIDEO】


奈特 : 現代人沒有盔甲,那就自己打造一副!

高人氣自由健身教練 - 奈特 首本電子寫真書終於曝光



堅持與努力很重要 當看到別人比你強大時 就應該加倍的努力

因為在你進步的同時 別人也在進步!


►Chapter1.濃密 . 真男人

解開全身鈕扣 釋放秘密深藏的Virile

隱隱露出的體毛 遮不住努力鍛鍊的惡魔身材


►Chapter2.微濕 . 乍現

飄著小雨的天氣 穿著一件純潔的白內褲

即使手上撐著傘 身上僅有的布料依然濕透

怎麼辦? 奈特深情的看著你 正等著你的救贖


►Chapter3.迷茫 . 微勃

可能有點累了 想睡覺抑或是在結束前想要多一點讓你記住的誘惑




奈特更多的秘密 . 正等著你 . 試探


Knight: Modern people don't have armor, so build one by yourself!

Highly popular free fitness trainer-Knight's first e-photobook finally revealed

"Modern people don't have armor, so build one yourself!"

Fitness can be an attitude or an indicator of life

Persistence and hard work are important. When you see that others are stronger than you, you should work harder.

Because while you are improving, others are also improving!


►Chapter1. Bushy. Real Man

Unlock the buttons of the whole body and release the hidden Virile

The faintly exposed body hair can't hide the body of the devil who worked hard


►Chapter2. Wet. Suddenly

In the light rain, wearing pure white underwear

Even with an umbrella in my hand, the only fabric on my body is still soaked

What to do? Knight looks at you affectionately, waiting for your salvation


►Chapter3. Confused. Weibo

Maybe I’m a little tired and want to sleep, or want a little more temptation for you to remember before the end

Knight's weapon looks more and more obvious

Is it preaching sovereignty or wanting you to know his existence


Knight has more secrets. Waiting for you to probing.





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