Editor Talk Hello! …I used to have a funny idea before. who wants to make a photobook in the way that they want to do for a long time for ‘Nai’ that many people see in this issue Previously, I had thought that I had given up on many occasions. Because with the rest of the time from full-time work, there is hardly any In addition, there are concerns in many matters, because if it does not come out well, I think that it is better not to do it. It’s good to have colleagues share ideas. and new perspectives So I thought I’d like to give it a try. …I didn’t think that the process of making a book the way I wanted to do it would be this difficult. because after meeting the guidelines and the direction of the book played incessant headaches The matter of choosing a difficult type is not different from making a book. Cocoa in filming and obstacles between many Until finally, it was as successful as I had hoped until it came out as the first edition of ‘Nai’ since we thought of doing it until it came out as a book. It took a long time. There were many times in my heart that I was discouraged. because I didn’t think there would be such a complicated detail But in the end, it was successfully released as a book as he had hoped. Called the accumulated tiredness disappeared completely. …For this issue of ‘Nai’ there may be some errors. But I want you to know that I And the team did their best. Hope everyone will like each other and hope to support each other. and travel to encourage and ready to travel together



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