Peak 03 – Alone with Prem ‖ R+【PHOTO+VIDEO】


…I have been away for a long time for ‘Peak’, I hope that many people will not forget each other. For this issue, we are looking for a hot new model like ‘Prem’ who made his first photoshoot for ‘peak’. He may not be very confident in his appearance, so he asked the team to give him an app. in adjusting the image until it came out satisfactory …For the working atmosphere, Prem is very cooperative. Even though quite excited because it was the first model shoot but she is very full In addition, you have to come to win with the sky and rain again. But I got a picture of the work that came out at a satisfactory level. In any case, I would like to leave the hottest fashion work for the first time of the young man ‘Prem’ as well.



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